Monalisa Hard Type (1x1ml)


Hard Type is a thick Hyaluronic Acid filler, which can be injected to augment the facial features and sculpt the facial lines. It is a convenient and non-invasive alternative to surgery, for procedures line chin augmentation or rhinoplasty. The filler is also effective at filling deep nasolabial folds and skin depressions. Monalisa Hard Type filler is made from high quality, purified HA with a stable cross-linked structure, which guarantees fast and lasting results of the facial sculpting procedure.

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The great thing about dermal fillers and Monalisa Hart Type in particular is how much quicker and with less discomfort treatment with them is, especially when compared to plastic surgery. The injectable gel is pre-filled in the syringe, which has a special, ergonomic shape, allowing extreme precision when injected. The doctor that applies the HA filler can easily sculpt the face and achieve the best possible facial feature augmentation.

The filler comes ready for injection. Spec-wise it is:

  • Has grain size of 600µm
  • Is injected from the medium to the deep layers of the dermis
  • Comes with a 30G needle
  • The syringe is pre-filled with gel
  • It to be kept at normal temeperature, ranging from 2 to 25°C

The quality of then Monalisa Hard Type filler determines the quality of the results achieved with it. The patients have their jaw line sculpted, their chin enhanced or a rhinoplasty, and will always get the best possible visible effect, which is lasting as well. The grain size of the HA gel, ensures that the filler is very thick, which ensures stability once injected (the filler does not “flow”) and lasting results of up to half an year.

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