Facial contouring is a specific procedure where fillers are used to make certain features of the face more defined. In general, it is done for purely aesthetic reasons, to provide more symmetry to both halves of the face or to augment the shape of a certain feature, making it more pronounced and improving the overall perceived look of the person undergoing the procedure. Thus, cheekbone fillers, generally, fall in the same category as the rest of the contouring and facial sculpting products and normally enhancing this area requires the same products that would be used for the jawline, for example. Thus, a Rejeunesse Shape or Bonetta Filler Volume will work well for multiple zones of the face.

Precision in Cheekbone Enhancement Fillers

Normally, treating wrinkles and skin folds or doing enhancements like lip volumization, leave room for personal preference, in terms of how dense of a filler is to be used. Especially, with lips, it very much comes down to the preference of the patient – do they want a softer feel to the lip or, perhaps, make it a bit firmer? This choice, in terms of the type (specifically density) of contouring cheekbone injections, is fairly limited. There are more and less dense contour fillers, but inevitably, cheekbone and cheek dermal fillers must be thick, to achieve both optimal and lasting results.

Crafting Defined Cheekbones with Expert Fillers

So, as noted, only dense fillers will do the job properly, when it comes to facial contouring. But why? Injectable cheekbone enhancement, like other forms of facial sculpting, necessitates a higher level of filler stability, hence – thickness. In comparison, when wrinkles and superficial skin lines are treated, the standard gel that is used is fairly soft, e.g. it can flow into the small skin depressions to fill and smooth them out correctly. This is very useful because it helps against bump formation. However, with cheekbone enhancement, it is the reverse situation. To maintain the desired contour of the specific facial feature, the Hyaluronic gel must be fairly dense so it can retain a certain shape but still have some elasticity, for the result to still appear natural to the onlooker.

This can be achieved in many ways, but it essentially comes down to the formula of the filler, the manufacturing process, and the special methods used to make it more durable. Here are several key factors that would determine if a contour filler would have the right properties:

  • Ingredients – while the standard fillers that make the face more defined are based on Hyaluronic acid, there are semi-permanent solutions based on Poly-lactic acid, Calcium, or Polycaprolactone. These form much thicker (and resilient) gel fillers, which are also called – semi-permanent fillers.
  • Hyaluronic acid concentration – while HA filler density is not solely dependent on the concentration of Hyaluronic molecules, the basic correlation is that the denser a filler is, the higher the concentration of HA is, too (with an asterisk). This is generally related to making the gel more resilient to enzyme dissolvement, but it affects to an extent the density, as well.
  • Molecular weight – this is fairly simple. The larger the HA gel particles, the denser it is and the higher its viscosity is (i.e. it’s less flowable). Large particle fillers are what you’d be using to get properly sculpted cheekbones.
  • Crosslinking and phase – the crosslinking structure and ratio of the filler gel determine its overall stability, while its phase (mono-, bi-, or multi-) will also factor in. Each company uses a more or less custom method for cross-linking HA or mixing it with non-crosslinked acid. Certain methods like Juvederm’s VYCROSS technology are patented and can achieve extremely effective results of durability and density with a much lower concentration of HA, compared to other brands.

Transformative Results with Professional Cheekbone Fillers

Facial sculpting and contouring are normally an aesthetic procedure, but it’s not a vanity one. Dermal fillers for defined cheekbones are an easy and quick way to gain self-confidence and boost your self-esteem with amazing before and after differences, without having to undergo expensive, invasive, and painful plastic surgery, with mandatory downtime (sometimes lengthy).  My Lip Filler is happy to offer you some of the finest solutions for face and cheekbone contour on the market.

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