Aging of the skin causes many problems with the dermis. One of the major issues people have to deal with is the loss of volume. Both locally, in terms of small and visible skin depressions, like wrinkles and skin lines, and on a larger scale in areas like the cheeks and under the eyes where subcutaneous tissues have dissipated. Unsurprising, dermal volumizing fillers are (along with lip products) are among the top solutions in this niche. It is one of the most effective forms of treatment process of loss of volume, with near instant effect.

Minimally invasive volumizing treatments

Traditionally, there have been various methods for adding or restoring facial volume to various parts of the face, but these are been inherently invasive and surgical in nature, with all the complications, inconveniences and outright risks involved in such a process. Either materials less biocompatible or versatile than Hyaluronic acid were used or, as far as contouring goes, permanent implants were above the line of the facial oval or cheekbones, to artificially add contour. And while, some of these methods are arguably more lasting than volumizing fillers, the non-surgical and non-invasive facial rejuvenation achieved with temporary or semi-permanent gel / solutions, provides a plethora of conveniences and other advantages that tips the scale in their favor a lot.

Facial contouring with volumizing fillers

This is a somewhat individual process, which starts with a preliminary interview performed by the licensed practitioner or dermatologist handling the treatment process. At this stage the patient themselves is evaluated and the proper product is chosen among the long-lasting fillers the specialist normally works with, taking under consideration both the expectations and wished of the customer, as well as their overall condition, possible intolerances etc.

Choosing the right volumizing filler

While Hyaluronic acid is the main base used for fillers, including products for deep facial voluzimation and contour. However, the list of the major compounds used as the foundation of safe fillers for long terms volume boost and contouring includes four main entries:

  • Hyaluronic acid – the most popular and most widely used base for volumizing face filler Since it’s natural to the human body, especially in connective tissues, it’s one of the most biocompatible and biodegradeable materials used in the beauty industry. It has excellent moisture retention properties. Can be used effectively to create anything from skinboosters all the way to facial contouring fillers. From Juvederm Voluma to Rejeunesse Shape and Bonetta Filler Volume – these are the typical solutions found in this category.
  • Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA) – also used in it’s PDLLA form, is a synthetic polymer used in the beauty industry, as proven to be safely biodegradeable. Rather than immediately add volume into the SubQ layer of the dermis PLLA fillers act as collagen boosters, which over time cause the formation of new skin cells in the area of lost volume, which in term rapidly increase the synthesis of collagen and new supportive tissues are formed, with the new structures filling the depressions up. A very effective non-surgical facial volumization Some of the prime quality products from this type include the A-Jax D’azure and Aesthefil.
  • Polycaprolactone (PCL) – different polymer, similar usage and results to PLLA. It will cause the formation of new skin cell structures around the microscopic PCL spheres introduced into the area of skin volume loss. As far as the areas they’re used to enhance facial volume fillers based on PCL excel in filling very deep to severe wrinkles and skin folds, but can also be used for facial contouring, to an extent.
  • Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) – like Hyaluronic acid, Calcium is naturally part of the hguman body, playing a vital role for the strength of our bones, where it exists in the form of the CaHA compound. Some of the longest lasting fillers are based on it. They have the major advantage of being based on a completely biocompatible compound, making them very safe fillers, but also giving the instant volum boost of HA based gel with the long term collagen production stimulation of PLLA and PCL solutions. With Calcium based volumizing fillers maintenance routine is practically non-existent, as they are very long term solutions and normally do not require touch-up procedures.

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