Neuramis (1 x 1ml) – Lidocaine


With Neuramis Lidocaine, superficial and medium wrinkles are corrected in an instant and natural-looking lip enhancement is no longer a mirage. This is one of the best-selling dermal fillers produced by Medytox and it also among the favorites of My Lip Filler’s clients. Manufactured in absolute compliance with international quality and safety laws and standards, it delivers patients with a 100% satisfaction and a freshly rejuvenated look.

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A trusted Lidocaine-infused HA filler

Neuramis Lidocaine is one of the most dependable and highly-rated skin fillers on the market. It is produced by a leader in the field of aesthetic medicine – Medytox. It is also manufactured through a cutting-edge method known as S.H.A.P.E. Technology that delivers a two-step cross-linked HA filler product that contains outstandingly purified implant gel. It is safe to inject into various areas of the face, including in the lips. This robust anti-wrinkle product has more than one skin rejuvenating property because it:

  • Hydrates
  • Smoothens
  • Volumizes
  • Contours and augments

Treatment protocol guide

For long-lasting and balanced enhancement of lips and correction of shallow and medium wrinkles and lines, board-certified cosmetic surgeons and aesthetic dermatologists are advised to perform about two or three injection sessions per treatment. Each of these sessions needs to be scheduled at an interval of 3-4 weeks from the last one. If the patient wants to prolong and retain their rejuvenated and refreshed look, the treatment needs to be repeated in at least 3 months’ time. Medical practitioners do not need to inject local anesthetic, put ice or apply numbing cream on the injection points. This advanced soft-tissue filler is infused with 0.3mg/mL lidocaine which takes pain and discomfort out the equation.

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