Profhilo – 1 x 2ml


Designed and manufactured by Switzerland-based pharmaceutical company IBSA Group, Profhilo ranks among the world’s safest and most reliable HA skin fillers. Its main ingredient is non-animal Hyaluronic Acid with a remarkably high concentration. That, together with its NAHYCO Hybrid Technology, impressive purity and guaranteed efficacy, make it one of the top-notch cosmetic rejuvenation products on My Lip Filler’s online store. It successfully improves skin laxity and instantly remodels the face, neck, and body.

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The powers of Profhilo

This professional-grade soft-tissue filler is produced with an incredible NAHYCO Hybrid Technology. This means that it contains both low and high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid which gives it the following properties:

  • Significant skin moisturization
  • Powerful volumizing and lifting effects
  • Guaranteed collagen production boost
  • Considerable increase in elastin synthesis

What is BAP Technique?

BAP stands for Bio Aesthetic Points and the BAP Technique is an injection technique developed and patented by IBSA Group specially for minimally-invasive skin laxity correction and tissue remodeling treatments involving the use of Profhilo. It is only to be used for procedures targeting the lower half of the face which is typically more prone to age-related dermal atrophy. It features five separate injection points:

  • Mandibular angle (for risk-free jawline contouring)
  • Chin (for durable chin augmentation)
  • Tragus (for natural-looking skin sagging correction)
  • Zygomatic protrusion (for swift cheekbone enhancement)
  • Nasal base (for pain-free nose reshaping)

By using this tested injection technique, board-certified plastic surgeons are guaranteed to deliver patients a more comfortable treatment experience. Thanks to it, injection procedures are more painless and the risk of hematoma, bruising and swelling is considerably minimized.

When used on other areas of the body, Profhilo is administered through other injection techniques such as fanning (hands rejuvenation or remodeling of neck) or the 7-point technique for the correction of inner arm sagging.

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