Loss of volume in the area under the eyes is a very common problem, which can stem from both natural aging and factors like lifestyle or specific health conditions. Skin volume loss is rarely the only identifiable problem in this area – dark eye circles, eye bag formation and, of course – wrinkles. The very nature of this part of the face makes its treatment a difficult task and under eye fillers are, in general, specific products. Not only are they always very soft, but mixing the traditional Hyaluronic acid of the gel with additional ingredients like peptides is a common occurrence, as the above-mentioned problems usually present in some combination, or simultaneously, meaning that an eye treatment filler must be a versatile tool, which addresses local loss of skin volume, improves texture and firmness and last, but not least – deals with skin tone issues.

Tear Trough Fillers

Let’s review the typical problems an under eye filler would most often be utilized to address, before we get into more details as to how these dermal products help address the below issues:

  • Dark circles – as the name would suggest, dark eye circles, as a problem presents, itself in the form of noticeable change of skin tone, in the area surrounding the eyelids (and partially covering them), to a much darker complexion. This is related to blood vessels of them skin being revealed, but lack of sleep and stress related hyperpigmentation are common contributing factors. Hereditary predisposal is also a consideration. Usually, eye fillers used to address this problem will contain some skin brightening agents, alongside the Hyaluronic acid; most often – peptides.
  • Hollows – aging, often combined with bad lifestyle, can cause the loss of fat tissues and collagen in the area immediately below the eyes, which results in the formation of a pronounced depression and loss of skin volume, referred to as hollows. A very soft filler can help to immediately volumize the skin in this area, but beyond the immediate aesthetic effect, an under eye filler dermatologist would use, will probably also be improving the hydration of the area and boosting the collagen production, as part of more extensive skin care.
  • Tear through – usually forms in conjunctions will hollows. Requires very careful application of the tear trough filler, in order to avoid complications. Only soft to very soft fillers are to be used for this skin problem.
  • Eye bags – also referred to as “puffy eyes” this problem is most often associated with lack of sleep, but it can also be caused by aging, fluid retention and some health issues. Often these will cause the shifting of fat deposits under the lower eyelids, causing eye bag formation. Applying under eye hyaluronic acid filler can help to make the transition of the skin towards the cheek to be smoother, although using some sort of mesotherapy or a filler with a peptide cocktail can potentially provide the most optimal results.
  • Wrinkles and fine lines – this type of loss of volume is inevitable in any part of the face, as we age. Decrease of collagen production and reduction of skin elasticity help the formation of superficial wrinkles. Since most under eye dermal fillers are based on Hyaluronic acid, they are an excellent method to “fill” these areas of lost volume with a soft enough gel, which won’t form bumps and will delicately deal away with fine lines. Soft HA fillers tend to dissolve quicker and as they do, Hyaluronic acid is released directly into the superficial dermis, rapidly improving skin moisturization and by extension it’s softness and elasticity.

Under-eye Circle Treatment with Fillers

The specific nature of skin problems in this area means that a specific product must be used to treat them. As a base, an appropriate under eye dermal filler should be very soft. This is necessary as the area is very delicate with lots of small blood vessels. There is also the tear through canal the blockage of which must be avoided. Thus, dermatologists and other licensed specialists tend to go very soft in their choice of HA gel to use. Finding and applying the correct hyaluronic acid filler under eye, means that even certain soft products used for Crow’s feet or glabellar lines might be skipped as too dense.

We at My Lip Fillers, have tried to offer only fine lines for that specific area, which are known to be biocompatible and not cause any severe adverse reactions. In this section, you will not only find solutions, which are effective for restoring loss of volume in this part of the face, but also specialized under eye fillers that will beneficially affect conditions like dark eye circles and puffy eyes. Our team will be more than happy to give you a consultation along with recommendations and more detailed information on any of the fillers listed here.

Above is listed an extensive selection of some of the best HA based gel products on the market, which are usable for treatment of skin volume loss and related issues in the upper face area. Available in a variety of prices and fitting any budget our under eye circle filler catalog allows professionals to find effective and lasting solutions.

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