The periorbital area is one of the most delicate, yet most commonly treated parts of the face. Generally, most people consider that the usage of filler to get rid of dark circles is the main procedure being performed in this facial zone. However, that is not necessarily true, as problems here range a lot and in fact this specific issue will probably be better address using some mesotherapy form of treatment, while traditional fillers better suited for other issue around the eye. Of course, there are peptide and PDRN based fillers which can do wonders for this and relate problems (like puffy eyes), lets start from the beginning.

What is the periorbital area?

Simply put, this is the part of the face immediately adjacent above, below and to the side of the eyelids. It can be imagined as a circular area (roughly), which tends to be affected by a multitude of problems, which as noted above, are treated with methods beyond dermal filler for under eye bags or dark circles treatment.

The skin around the eye is very delicate and sensitive. At the same time there is a lot of movement and muscle contraction in this part of the face. Age related loss of skin volume is to be expected, however, the periorbital area is also one of the first visible indicators of bad lifestyle, bad habits, stress, fatigue or even health related issues. Puffy eyes from lack of sufficient sleep or changes in skin tone below the lower eyelid (treated with specialized dark circle under eye filler or mesotherapy product) are just some of the common issues here.

Periorbital Injectables

Due to the nature of the skin area surrounding the eye, the fillers and mesotherapy used here must posses certain properties to be effective. First and first and foremost, regardless if the issue is puffy eyes, eyebags, wrinkles or dark circle dermal fillers or meso solutions used around and under the eyes must be very soft. There are a lot of delicate blood vessels in this part of the face and dermatologists or licensed practitioners generally put extra care when doing local face treatment here. A dense solution, with not enough flowability, is just not appropriate for usage around the eye. Professionals will always factor in density and viscoelacity when they buy products to use.

Second, composition is key. For loss of volume or evening the skin out, regular HA gel will do the job. A soft eye filler will also effectively deal away with wrinkles, such as Crow’s feet and delicate skin lines that often radiate from the corner of the eye. But if treatment at hand involves filler for dark under eyes circles, mesotherapy for eyebags or puffy eyes or overall periorbital area skin firming with a meso cocktail – extra or alternative ingredients are key.

Hyaluronic acid, the dominant ingredient of modern beauty products will always help. As mentione, HA based gel is excellent for dealing away with even the most delicate skin lines and wrinkles and will effectively fill out loss of volume under the eye. Hyaluronic acid itself, will help the overall condition of the skin in the periorbital area by boosting hydration and restoring smoothness. But a filler for dark under eye treatment will often involve different beneficial agents.

Periorbital Dark Circles

This is the most common, non-wrinkle related problem in the specific part of the face. Different factors such as stress and lack of sleep can cause the change of skin pigmentation around the eye. So, a more wholesome method of treatment is necessary. When it comes to dealing with dark eye circle fillers and mesotheraopy will combine ingredients such as:

  • Hyaluronic acid – tried and true, boosting the skin hydration is usually a must, regardless what sort of facial problem is being take care of (even puffy eyes).
  • Polynucleotides (PDRN) – gaining in popularity, PDRN fillers and mesotherapy (with or without HA) have proven effect for all of the common problems in the periorbital area – wrinkles, dark circles, eyebags, puffiness.
  • Peptides – there are excellent peptide-based solutions that will brighten the skin, tighten and lift it, while smoothing out superficial wrinkles. Under eye fillers will often combine them with HA, while specialized mesotherapy normally focuses on pure peptide cocktails for treatment of the periorbital area.

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