Beauty Friends II Raspberry Essence Mask Sheet Pack


For a significantly improved skin elasticity and hydration, add Raspberry Essence Mask Sheet Pack to your daily skincare routine. Part of the top-tier face mask range Beauty Friends, it contains an extract from a special type of raspberry that will protect and cleanse the skin on your face without any risk of allergies or adverse effects. We, from My Lip Filler, offer this quality pack at a competitive price.

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The impressive powers of raspberry

The raspberry which is used for the production of this fast-selling skincare product is called Rubus coreanus – a type of raspberry that grows only in China, Korea, and Japan. It is used in various innovative skincare products because of its:

  • Remarkable moisturization powers
  • Impressive cleansing abilities
  • Proven sun-protection properties
  • Amazing anti-wrinkle effects

After just one application of Beauty Friends’ Raspberry Essence Mask Sheet, consumers report that their skin becomes much softer. Since this advanced face mask protects the skin from the negative effects of solar exposure, it will also improve your tone and will even reduce the appearance of age spots.

Raspberry Essence Mask Sheet Pack is shockingly affordable

This is one of the most budget-friendly skincare products which you can find on My Lip Filler’s versatile catalog. At the same time, however, it delivers guaranteed cosmetic rejuvenation, moisturization, and many other amazing results. This makes it a rather accessible solution which you can easily use even on a daily basis without having to spend a small fortune in the process. To enjoy optimal results, rinse your skin before you apply and do not wash it after you remove it.

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