Beauty Friends II Royal Jelly Essence Mask Sheet Pack


One of the top-selling sheet masks by Beauty Friends is now available on My Lip Filler’s online store and it is called Royal Jelly Essence Mask Sheet Pack. This highly rated, first-tier skincare product has an amazing triple action – it softens, hydrates and cleans the skin. The result – a smooth, refreshed, healthy-looking complexion and a healthy face glow. It is based on royal jelly and it has a rather pleasant scent.

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Royal Jelly Essence Mask Sheet Pack for a soft and youthful skin

To look youthful, the skin needs to be perfectly moisturized, deeply cleansed and highly elastic. With Royal Jelly Essence Mask Sheet Pack, you will check all three of these boxes because these also happen to be the main properties of royal jelly – a type of a honey bee secretion that is filled with:

  • Valuable fatty acids
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Healing amino acids

This impressive cocktail of nutrients found in this product happens to have unmatched anti-aging properties. Nevertheless, it can also be used by people who simply have dry and tired skin. To apply it, you first need to clean your face with toning water. For optimal, risk-free results, this world-class sheet mask is best to be removed 20-30 minutes after its application.

Is this product safe for everyone?

All of the modern skincare products by Beauty Friends are based on natural, health-friendly ingredients such as vitamins, antioxidants, plant extracts, and minerals. Royal Jelly Essence Mask Sheet Pack also fits that description and it is safe for patients of various age groups of both genders. However, those who have an allergy to honey, must not use this product. Otherwise, they may suffer an allergic reaction.

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