JBP NanoCannula


NanoCannula are among the highest quality cannulas for injection on the market, offering reliability to doctors and more comfort and less pain to patient. Penetration with these cannulas is with very low level of resistance from the skin, even further reducing the pain experienced by patients. This is a versatile line of products with a selection sizes in terms of length and diameter, making them the right choice for any type of injection procedure, be it cosmetic or medicinal.

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The quality of a cannula is the major determining factor of how safe an injection procedure is. Only if made from the best possible materials, can the doctor be sure that there will be no damage to the patients hypodermal tissues. Made out of high quality stainless steel, JBP NanoCannula will ensure that the whole injection process can be easily controlled by the doctor and will reduce the level of unpleasantness that the patient experiences. These cannulas are a guarantee for both safe and problem free injection experience. It should be noted the product is FDA approved, being up to all  specifications with the thin walled needle, which has been micro-polished, via an innovative technique.

Why JBP NanoCannula?

The sheer quality of  this cannula set is unquestionable. Using them ensures:

  • Less pain for the patient
  • More precision for the doctor
  • No tissue damage
  • Easy penetration through the skin

A major feature of the needle are the thin walls, which simultaneously reduce pain and allow for a better injection process with increased flow. Damage to the hypodermal tissues is avoided because of them and the aftereffects of the injection are minimal to none.

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