Regaining a youthful look is a challenge all people face at some point of their life. However, the idea of skin restoration can be viewed from multiple angles – boosting the skin congition, gaining lost skin volume, improving the natural self-healing properties of wounded and dry ski and so on. Thus, skin restoration fillers are only one of the products, which are utilized for facial rejuvenation. An anti-aging treatment will normally include both skin volume restoration (Revolax SubQ, Glowing Fill Full), as well as treating the tired and malnourished skin with meso cocktails (Dermaheal SR and HSR) and skinboosters (Gemvous), to achieve lasting results of revitalization of the dermis.

How skin repair fillers work

Our skin deteriorates due to many factors. These include:

  • Natural aging – an inadvertent process of decreasing condition of the entire body, which includes its largest organ – the skin. This dermal problem cannot be completely stopped or removed, but there are many skin restoration treatments which can help with its symptoms.
  • Premature aging – this is the process of adverse factors increasing the natural rate of skin deterioration, making the perceived age of a person to be higher than it actually is. Factors like stress, lack of sleep, health issues and bad diet and lifestyle can all contribute to problems such as wrinkles, sagging, skin folds and other dermal issues treated with dermal fillers for skin repair and related specialized products.
  • External factors – UV light, especially from sun exposure, pollutions and bad air are the most common outside causes of skin deterioration. Staying too long and too often in the sun, especially without protection will dry and damage the skin. Pollution, on the other hand, will clog the pores and cause issues like acne and problems with skin moisturization, which is often treated with hydration fillers.

To counter the factors, often dermatologists and licensed practitioners will used dermal fillers and skinbosoters. The former are excellent solutions for immediate skin volumization and facial volume restoration. The latter is a specialized anti-aging filler, which introduces powerful skin rejuvenating agents in a limited area of the face, to boost its health and overall condition quickly.

Choosing the Right Filler for Your Skin

Selecting the product to use is normally a process handled by your treating practitioner, who will, however, always consult with you. In order to choose the best filler or mesotherapy, it should be determined what the exact skin problem being treated it, what are the causes, what adverse reactions are to be avoided and what solution might provide the best results. Perhaps you need collagen boosting fillers to restore volume and elasticity in a more gradual and natural way. Or, maybe, your skin is malnourished and a rich meso cocktail is what is required. Sometimes, you might need both.

A standard part of this process is making a preliminary interview with the person getting skin restoration treatment to analyze the dermal issues, the desired results and to work out a skin care and treatment plan based on their medical history, condition of the dermis of, of course – personal preferences, as much as they can be factored in.

Post-Treatment Care and Maintenance for Lasting Skin Restoration Results

As far as immediate care, after getting a filler or mesotherapy treatment, it’s fairly simple. Neither procedure requires downtime. In general, you should stay away from direct sunlight, not use makeup and stay away from the sun. Alcohol usage is also not recommended. If you got cosmetic fillers for skin texture don’t forget to drink lot of water. Once your skin irritation after the procedure has calmed down, go back to or start a daily skin care routing to maintain the rejuvenating effect.

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