Meso-therapy is the field of skin treatment which is most concerned with the overall skin condition and is long term wellbeing. It includes a plethora of very different treatment using an exhaustingly long list of solutions, each custom tailored towards a specific way to boost the condition of the skin of the face and body. Among these many options, using mesococktail therapy, as a method to boost the overall health of the upper and lower dermis, is among the most popular options. But what are meso cocktails and how do they compare to other treatments like dermal fillers?

Enhancing Beauty with Fillers

In general, dermal fillers are a form of near instant method for skin volume restoration, as well as achieving facial enhancement for various features – lips, nose, cheekbones, etc. Their primary focus is to immediately fill wrinkles or strategically add volume in a limited part of the face. Mesococktails, on the other hand, don’t directly deal with wrinkles and skin folds, but are more important for boosting and rejuvenating it.  There is, however, an area where the two treatments overlap – skinboosters.

Advanced Mesococktail Fillers for Targeted Skin Rejuvenation

Skin boosters are, usually, a form of very soft filler, which mixes Hyaluronic acid with valuable nutrients or contains a mixture of other non-HA valuable agents. They have very limited to none filling effect, but instead directly boosts the skin with a localized, highly concentrated solution of nutrients. As apposed to more standard mesotherapy for skin improvement, skinboosters are intended to be used in a relatively limited area, but with a more rapid effect. As good example would be the Gemvous skin booster or the Aquashine offshoot of the Revofil brand.

Mesotherapy Fillers for Youthful Skin

Using skinboosters allows for very rapid results in improving the overall health of the skin. Since, skinbooster dermal fillers tend to have higher concentration of Hyaluronic acid, peptides and other nutrients, the effect is vastly amplified, ranking them among the most powerful anti-aging solutions. This makes these meso fillers best suited for instances where the condition of the patient’s skin is severely deteriorated and quick improvement is necessary, before more long term mesocoktail procedures can be carried out, for lasting effect.

Long term skin care – regular mesococktails

However, in the standard scenario, the wellbeing of the skin is ensured by utilizing a meso-cocktail intended to be applied on larger areas of skin (usually the whole face). The true power of mesotherapy is the gradual accumulation of effect, which guarantees lasting results. While a booster will help in “emergency” situations, a cocktail of meso agents will do wonders in the long run. This allows for more effect (in terms of result retention) treatment of issues like:

  • Dryness – probably the most common problem with the skin and the root of many related issues
  • Wrinkles – they are the direct result of lack of proper hydration
  • Loss of elasticity – as the levels of elastin in the skin decrease (along with moisture) it is becomes more prone to damage
  • Sagging – non-elastic skin will either be more damage prone or stretch down and being to sag and form folds
  • Discoloration/hyperpigmentation – often age related but also possible due to hormonal imbalance, environmental factors

…and many more. The unfortunate reality of skin problems is that they rarely are isolated, but rather are interlinked and one is a function of the other or they would worsen each other. Facial rejuvenation, is a an arduous process and especially age-related issues can really leave their mark on the face. This is where mesocoktail solutions really shine, as they tend to treat a large spectrum of dermal problems all at the same time – wrinkles, hydration, undernourishment, skin tone, etc.

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