GANA HA Type B – 1 x 1.2ml

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Quick removal of deep facial wrinkles and folds for 12 to 18 months with an HA-based skin filler? Is that even possible? It is if that cutting-edge filler injection is GANA HA Type B. It is able to provide incredibly durable results because of its high cross-linking ratio and optimized gel formula. This outstanding anti-aging product also offers natural-looking lip augmentation results. To get it, know that you can rely on My Lip Filler.

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An exceptionally innovative skin filler

Innovation of a new-generation is how we can best describe GANA HA Type B. Its injectable gel has been meticulously tailored to feature really small HA particles to help trained plastic surgeons to have more control during the injection procedure for more accurate results. This product is applied directly on the problem areas (in the deep dermis) to offer patients with:

  • Immediate reduction of deep glabellar lines
  • Risk-free correction of severe nasolabial folds
  • Painless removal of medium facial wrinkles
  • Long-lasting enhancement of lips

How does GANA HA Type B compare to its rivals?

Designed and produced by reputable Korean manufacturer GANA R&D, this pioneering dermal filler has a cross-linking ratio of 10%. In contrast, the majority of HA-based cosmetic rejuvenation products have an average such ratio of about 5%. This means that the modified filler injection you are looking at right now is two times more durable and resilient than the current top-sellers in this niche. Similar is the case with this product viscosity which is higher than that of almost all other reliable filler injections in existence today.

While GANA HA Type B clearly has zero competition on the market, My Lip Filler has zero competition when it comes to prices. This is why you should not hesitate to purchase this and more top-tier anti-aging products via our website.

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