Restylane Defyne – 1 x 1ml

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Restylane Defyne is a Hyaluronic Acid dermal filler that shapes and improves the contour of the midface. In addition to its facial sculpting powers, the product (formally known as Emervel Deep) also removes deep dynamic wrinkles. So, it can treat marionette lines and smile lines with just one injection. The effect of the procedure lasts for up to 9 months but it can be prolonged with a follow-up treatment.

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Restylane Defyne’s XpressHAn Technology

In contrast to other HA fillers, this one does not prevent patients from keeping their natural expressions. Instead, it preserves the complete range of motions of the face because the product uses XpressHAn Technology. Thanks to it, the treatment results look not only balanced but also natural.

Although the HA gel in the solution is soft, it delivers stable results. Therefore, the risk of migration is close to none.

What Are the Main Uses of This HA Filler?

Restylane Defyne is part of Restylane’s Enhance range of dermal fillers. In other words, the product aims at enhancing the balance of the face by improving its contour and shape. Also, it makes the skin smoother by filling deep expression lines and wrinkles. By doing so, it gives patients a younger appearance.

The product serves various purposes. However, the most important of them include:

  • Removal of severe laugh lines
  • Lifting the corners of the mouth
  • Correction of deep marionette lines
  • Improvement of the definition of the midface
  • Tear troughs treatment

For optimal results, the treatment must be done by a certified plastic surgeon. In most cases, Restylane Defyne is applied via injection in the upper subcutis or the deep dermis.

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