Stylage XL – 2 x 1ml


Skin filler Stylage XL creates and restores volume in the face. Even after one treatment, patients will notice a considerable improvement in the oval of their face. Since the injectable features Hyaluronic Acid, it offers temporary results. Once the ingredient dissolves in the soft tissues, patients will regain their old look. If they prefer to preserve their youthful appearance and smooth skin, they can schedule a follow-up procedure with their cosmetic surgeon.

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What’s in the box?

Every pack of VIVACY’s Stylage XL contains 26mg/g of Hyaluronic Acid (HA). The HA in this product is manufactured through an IPN-Like Technology that allows the implant gel to adapt to the target dermal layer easily. Therefore, the results achieved with this treatment are both durable and natural-looking.

The product also features Mannitol. That is an antioxidant that prolongs the skin rejuvenating and hydrating properties of HA. Thanks to it, this superb dermal filler has effects’ longevity of about 12 months.

Stylage XL comes in a prefilled syringe. The box also includes special aesthetic needles for single use.

Main uses of Stylage XL

This reliable soft-tissue filler by VIVACY is developed for the non-surgical facial volume restoration or enhancement. It can be injected in various zones of the face, especially those where there is a visible age-related volume deficiency. By improving the facial contour, patients’ appearance becomes not only more symmetrical but also more youthful.

  • Correction of a hollow temple area
  • Chin remodeling
  • Improvement of facial oval
  • Cheek and cheekbone augmentation
  • Deep skin hydration

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