Aqualyx is a brand name synonymous with effective, quick and safe removal of excess fat tissues under the skin of the body, especially in the areas of the abdomen and the thighs. Product quality and safety are guaranteed as it was developed by Professor Pasquale Motolese, the President of the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery. Released on the market in 2009 this fat dissolving solution had been the preferable method to deal away with fat cells of many doctors and beauty experts around the world. Further, the product is globally certified in virtually all major beauty markets. Utilizing deoxycholic acid (similar to Kabelline), Aqualyx filler fat deposit removal therapy is highly effective and speedy method to deal away with excess fat cells.

What sets Aqualyx aside from other solutions for for the removal of body fat, like IPL and HiFu treatment, is the way it deals with the problem. The way it works, is by causing lipolysis – a safe and natural way to force the membrane of the fat cell to break, turning it into a liquid which the body can subsequently safely dispose of, via the lymphatic system. Clearly, the intended usage is in conjunction with the appropriate diet and lifestyle, but as a direct weight loss method, Aqualyx injections cost substantially less than treatment via cosmetic machines or other devices using vibrations to remove fat.

Application Protocol and Precautions

As with most forms of treatments and beauty therapy, the usage protocol mandates a preliminary assessment of the user and working out the best and most optimal weight loss plan. This includes the amount of Aqyalyx to use, which parts of the body of the patient are suitable to be treated and how many sessions would be necessary to achieve a noticeable reduction in excess fat. The actual procedure is very non-invasive and quick. A full treatment of the belly of thigs to dissolve fat deposits, including cellulite, will usually range anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on the specific case. Downtime is not required.

Aqualyx quite a potent fat dissolver, so the usage is mostly intended for the body. This includes, but is not limited to the following areas:

  • Waist, including “love handles” removal
  • Lower abdomen
  • Arms
  • Flanks
  • Inner thighs
  • Outer Thighs
  • “Bra row”
  • Knees
  • Ankles

After The Treatment

As noted, weight loss with Aqualyx does not require any extensive downtime following the procedure. Normally, once the fat treatment is over, the person is free to go about their daily activities. Naturally, mild side effects are to be expected, but these are almost always limited to mild inconveniences like minor reddness and bruising, which are expected to mostly subside in the first 72 hours, post procedure. It is possible for the swelling to persist a bit longer (up to three weeks), as the lipolytic process in the treated body area takes place. Overall, the Aqualyx cost, figuratively speaking, in terms of discomfort, is fairly moderate.

Achieved results in body fat removal will vary vastly, depending on each person’s metabolism and lifestyle, as well as the number of treatments that they have undergone. Minor fat deposits can be dealt away with as little as a single session, while larger formations in areas such as the lower abdomen, belly and waist, might require as many as five visits to achieve properly noticeably results. Since Aqualyx is a fairly potent product, each procedure is normally spaced out at about four to six weeks from the previous one. The idea is to let the body “take its time” as the lipolysis is taking place.

It is worth noting that you can rely not only on quick, but also lasting results when you buy Aqualyx. The effect duration can be as dramatic as in the two-to-four-year range. However, to quickly the fat returns, if at all, will vastly depends on many auxiliary factors, first and foremost of which is the person’s lifestyle. Healthy diet, lots of movement and exercise are paramount. Keepings the percentage of body fat low can only be achieved with the Aqualyx treatment is combined with all of the above. This fat dissolving product is intended to contour the body but it can only be effective, so long the patient put in the necessary extra effort, long term.

Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Injections

Aqualyx is not a wonder solution, however it offers a fast track towards a healthy and well-shaped body, as it will safely and quickly drop the amount of fat tissues in the treated area. With the correct application protocol and a combination of a healthy diet and exercise, it can help anybody to achieve their dream body very fast. And, more importantly, the results will last much longer than other products for dissolving regular fat and cellulite the market can offer. Get in touch today and buy the best fat dissolving product in the United States in Europe.

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