There is no denying that the market of fillers is, mildly put, oversaturated. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of customized fillers for skin rejuvenation, lip volumization, facial contouring and anything in between.Naturally, this cab be equally confusing to end customers and licensed practitioners, alike. Even the experts cannot keep track of all skin care fillers that are being offered and have a good enough grasp of each product’s safety, effectiveness and durability. Equally, it’s virtually impossible for any store or wholesaler to maintain all fillers in stock at all times. Flexibility is necessary in order to accommodate the needs of customers, as best as possible.

Individualized filler solutions

This is why My Lip Filler opted to offer a hybrid approach to our portfolio of unique filler formulations in the catalog. Our goal is to maintain an extensive stock of the most popular and sought after brands. At the same time, we want to cater to the need of all our customers and offer an extended version of the catalog with even more customized facial rejuvenation options. Many products, while not being actively maintained in stock, can be easily ordered and provided by an external supplier within a reasonable amount of time. It increases the flexibility of our already quite rich and customized dermal fillers catalog to even better suit the needs of all our clients.

Unique dermal filler options

Our focus is to cover all the basic and, at the same time, more niche requirements of beauty market customers, via personalized beauty fillers on offer – from affordable to premium priced, from market to newcommers to estabished brands, from Hyaluronic acid to PLLA based fillers, and so on. And that’s not even mentioning the various filler applications our products on offer have.

Dermal fillers are intended as a safe, affordable and non-invasive alternative to traditional plastic surgery. They offer:

  • Low-cost and high result balance
  • Convenience with lower risk
  • Instant or expedited results with higher efficiency

Naturally, there isn’t a “one glove fits all” product, hence the notion of bespoke facial fillers as a solution for dealing with specific problems. Yet, most fillers are surprisingly flexible and there is virtually no dermal filler product on the market the doesn’t work well in various scenarios and for treating different skin related problems. Skinboosters usually work for the entire face. Soft fillers deal with surface wrinkles in multiple areas. Deep fillers work great for nasolabial folds and marionette lines, but also boost lip volume. Contouring fillers shape the facial oval, but also can sculpt cheekbones or volumize the cheeks. Last, but not least unique filler formulations like PLLA, PCL and CaHA based solutions can stimulate collagen production and natural skin volumization is several parts of the face.

Varieties of customized fillers

In that sense, there aren’t custom-made skin fillers but there is a diverse and rich enough selection of filler skin care fillers that there is a brand and product for every person and every problem, giving a de facto custom choice for most people. To that end, the preliminary interview that dermatologists and licensed specialized who work with fillers, do with their customers, plays a vital role in determining the most effective and lasting product for optimal filler benefits.

My Lip Filler’s catalog allows specialists / practitioners and their clients to enjoy the convenience and advantages of an individualized cosmetic fillers approach to dermal treatment and skin rejuvenation, by allowing them to source products from one of the most extensive filler portfolios available online today.

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