Rejeunesse Deep - before and after lip filler

A question that often comes up when people are keenly interested in the topic of lip fillers or just researching face fillers in general is Western vs Korean brands. It’s only natural that people would be interested in this topic, as fillers are actually manufactured in relatively few places – most global brands are either made in France, the US or Korea, with some additions from Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Canada etc. And as far as brand recognition goes, it’s not even a race – everybody interested in fillers has heard of Juvederm, Stylage, Restylane, Teosyal etc. Sure, there are better known Korean filler brands as well, Revolax being the first to come to mind, but as far as name recognition goes, the west wins. This creates some erroneous perceptions about the quality of Korean products.

Often people are confused not only by the lesser-known name, but also the typical price gap – European and American brands tend to me much more expensive. A good example of this, often unfair comparison, is between Juvederm and Rejeunesse. The former is the best-known brand of fillers worldwide and is the staple of quality. Rejeunesse, on the other hand, while at this point a well-established brand and a sought-after option for facial and lip augmentation, in professional circles, is nowhere near as recognized, even though in terms of effect, reliability and overall quality it gives it’s much more expensive counterpart from the West a good run for its money.

Today we will do an overview of the two brands and see how they compare in terms of lip fillers specifically and see if the premium that Juvederm demands is well worth paying or Rejeunesse can offer similar, if not the same quality, for only a fraction of the price.

Rejeunesse Deep – composition, features

Rejeunesse Deep is the titular lip filler of this brand. Most Korean brands of HA gel for lip enhancement and overall facial augmentation are offered in three options – soft, medium and dense product. In the case of Rejeunesse, these would be:

  • Rejeunesse Fine – soft an flowable, it’s is primarily used for the correction of superficial wrinkles and skin lines. However, it is also sometimes used for lip treatment, in instances where the person prefers a soft feel to their lips. But more on that later.
  • Rejeunesse Deep – a medium thickness Hyaluronic acid gel, which can be used not only for the lips, but is also a very effective filler for nasolabial folds, deep marionette lines and other moderate to deep skin depressions on the face.
  • Rejeunesse Shape – the contouring filler of the brand, it is primarily focused for adding volume and sculpting the facial oval, it also is utilized to restore cheek volume and fill the most severe skin folds, which usually form after the after the age of 50. Sometimes used for lips, as well, but usually in a mixture with Rejeunesse Deep, via a mixing head.

Rejeunesse Deep, like the other fillers of the brand is a Hyaluronic acid based gel, with a concentration of 24mg/ml of cross-linked Hyaluronic acid and a 0.3% of lidocaine, for decreased discomfort during procedure. It’s a very durable lip gel and most people can expect up to 12 months of visible and volumization or fold filling, as Rejeunesse Deep is quite resilient to the body ensumes.

It can be used to add substantial amounts of volume to the upper and lower lip and since it’s premium quality type of filler gel, the results look fairly natural. The Hyaluronic gel itself is known to be very stable and filler shifting should not be expected.

Rejeunesse Deep (1 x 1.1ml)

Rejeunesse Deep

Main properties of Rejeunesse Deep hyaluronic acid-based filler with lidocaine 1.1 ml:

The universal filler Rejeunesse Deep is actively used in cosmetology, thanks to the optimal concentration of hyaluronic acid 24mg/mL of non-animal origin. Gel with a monophasic structure, it is an excellent means for correcting aesthetic defects of the face. The product is famous for its prolonged action and uniform distribution within the dermis, which guarantees deep penetration into all layers of the skin.

Over the past decades, cosmetology has made a huge step forward. Minimally invasive procedures based on physiological fillers (based on substances natural to the human body) with guaranteed results after the first session have replaced surgical interventions that are unsafe for the body and toxins with a large number of side effects and a long rehabilitation period.

When developing the Rejeunesse series of fillers, the Korean research group NEWMEDIC’s main goal was to create a universal preparation for a wide range of applications with the most natural composition for the body. The result is the innovative visco-elastic gel Rejeunesse Deep, the base of which is hyaluronic acid 24 mg/mL, obtained by traditional enzyme biosynthesis.

Thanks to multiple purification using the proprietary UPHEC technology and a low degree of reticulation (9%), the gel is a soft and pliable filler that easily fills all areas of the lesion, evenly distributed within the tissue and dermis. The absence of BDDE cross-linking agent eliminates the toxic effect of breakdown products on the skin and guarantees high resistance to biodegradation. Hyaluronic acid fills every particle of cell and intercellular matrix with missing moisture, thus maintaining the structure and volume of tissues, forming a tonic framework for the skin, and acting as a filter against the penetration of pathogenic microbes and infections. Sodium hyaluronate is an essential natural constituent for the vital activity of cells, preserving their integrity and proliferation.

Application area Rejeunesse Deep hyaluronic acid-based filler with lidocaine 1.1 ml

The monophasic filler Rejeunesse Deep has solved the most difficult aesthetic problems. Due to the high degree of safety, the absence of allergic reactions, and complete sensitization, the filler is widely used in bio revitalization and contour of the facial features.

The main indications for injections with Rejeunesse Deep gel:

  • recreation of lost volumes and outlines in the chin;
  • correction of wrinkles of various depths (nasolabial, inter-row, supra-nasal, marionette);
  • injectable rhinoplasty;
  • lip augmentation;
  • replenishment of “minus-tissue” areas;

The gel is considered one of the best professional preparations, as it has some important advantages.

The product contains the minimum permissible number of endotoxins, leaves virtually no side effects due to the plasticity of the components, and provides long-term positive results even in the case of complex aesthetic issues (12 – 18 months), due to the special properties of stabilized hyaluronic acid with spherical-shaped molecules.


Despite being completely safe, there are a number of general contraindications to hyaluronic acid injections:

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • hemophilia;
  • inflammatory processes of any nature in the area of injection;
  • chronic dermatoses;
  • subcutaneous implants;
  • hypersensitivity to the components of the product;
  • autoimmune diseases and therapy against them;
  • tendency to the formation of keloid scars;
  • oncologic diseases;
  • age restrictions.

Result of the treatment (Rejeunesse Deep)

Lips - before and after filler

Juvederm Ultra Smile for sensual lips

Western brands, as opposed to their Korean counterparts will often have a designated lip filler. This is usually a modification of one of the products in their existing filler line, with minor adjustments that would make if perfect to use in the lip area specifically, where there are certain properties the Hyaluropnic acid gel must have, in order to provide optimal results – volumization, good balance between firmness and natural feel to the touch, longevity, stability, naturally looking results, etc. etc.

Here are a few examples: Restylane has Kysse, Stylage have Lips (with and without Lidocaine), Teosyal has Kiss, Pursense Kiss and RHA Kiss (probably the most of any brand, out there). And as far as Juvederm goes – there is the Ultra Smile.

As the name would suggest, Smile is part of the Ultra line of Juvederm fillers. It is, in fact the latest entry to that branch of Juve products, as Juvederm Ultra Smile is a modified version of the Ultra 3. Now, to be fair, Juvederm U3 can be used as a great quality, great results lip filler on its own. Much like the Rejuensse Deep can function both as a lip and a deep wrinkle filler, the Ultra 3 can add volume and contour in the lip area and deal away with nasolabial folds and marionette lines, just as well.

However, it was deemed fit, that it is a good basis (which it absolutely is) for the development of a specialized lip filler. Juvederm Ultra Smile is specifically tailored to excel at this task. This is why, the standard pack of the product contains two syringes of 0.55ml each, as opposed to a couple of 1ml pieces of HA gel, like the Ultra 3 and 4 or the full Vycross line (excluding 1 x 0.55ml Volift Retouch). But why?

The lips are a very specific area and adding lip volume for the sake of it is the worst approach possible. Very often, a standard 1ml or 1.1ml vial of HA gel is too much, even for an upper AND lower lip contour and volumization. This leads to either adding too much lip filler where it is not needed, just so that the product (Ultra 3, fore example) does not to waster or, more often, the remainder is just thrown away.

With a couple of 0.55ml of lip filler doses Juvederm Ultra Smile allows for much needed flexibility – a thorough boost in lip volume can be done with a full box or a more precise and subtle contouring and enhancement can be made with just one. It is a also a great product for the occasional lip touch-up procedure, which are done in order to maintain the achieved results of enhancement and keep the lips beautiful and plump.

In the end, Juvederm Ultra Smile is one of the best offers, as far as premium lip fillers go – it comes at a lower price point than the rest of the Ultra or Vycross lines, while still bearing that Juve brand guarantee of quality. It gives a more flexible solution and great results of noticeable, but still natural to the eye increase in volume and enhancement to the lip contour.

Juvederm Ultra Smile (2 x 0.55ml)

Juvederm Ultra Smile

Main properties of Juvederm Ultra Smile hyaluronic acid-based filler for lip augmentation 0.55 ml:

Hyaluronic acid-based filler, the Juvederm Ultra Smile (Juvederm Ultra Smile) is a transparent, monophasic, viscous gel, designed specifically for correcting the shape, adding volume and relief in the lip area. The composition of the preparation includes hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin 24 mg, lidocaine hydrochloride 3 mg, and phosphate buffer pH 7.2. The filler manufacturer, has developed this product to obtain an ideal, sustainable effect in adding natural volume to the lips, giving them a clear, even contour and a smooth surface.

You can buy Juviderm Ultra Smile at an affordable price and make your lips full, juicy, and seductive by contacting the managers of the My Lip Filler Shop cosmetic products website.

Hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin allows the gel to perfectly interact with the tissues of the patient, without causing rejection and allergic reactions, as well as completely biodegrade over time under the influence of natural hyaluronidase, which breaks down HA molecules. The active substance HA in the composition of Juviderm Ultra Smile not only fills the relief from the inside, forming subcutaneous depots of the active substance but also accumulates and retains moisture in the cells, providing long-term moisturization of the lip surface.

Due to the content of lidocaine in the filler gel, the procedure is painless, quite simple and does not cause any substantial discomfort for the patient.

Phosphate buffer is designed to reduce swelling after the procedure, as well as to prolong the effect obtained.

Juvederm Ultra Smile filler can be purchased at the best price on the My Lip Filler Shop website. Make sure of it yourself by calling our managers on the phones listed on the site!

Scope of application Juvederm Ultra Smile filler based on hyaluronic acid for lip augmentation 0.55 ml:

The gel has not in vain earned such popularity among dermatologists, cosmetologists and patients of cosmetology clinics. According to the results of studies, 91% of patients were satisfied with the effect of the filler.

The main advantages of the gel are:

  1. Prolonged results for 9-12 months. Lips are the area where the filler lasts the least amount of time due to the active blood supply. In general, the result depends on the individual characteristics of the patient’s body, but usually, clients are satisfied with the duration of the effect.
  2. Safety. The high-tech production of the product, the quality standards of the company, and the non-animal origin of synthesized hyaluronic acid provide the gel with the highest level of safety.
  3. The convenience of applying the filler is due to the soft homogeneous structure. Convenience is also facilitated by the relaxation of the patient’s muscles during insertion.
  4. The comfort of the procedure is due to the anesthetic properties of lidocaine hydrochloride.
  5.  The naturalness of the result is provided by the high viscoelasticity of the gel, which helps the filler to distribute evenly under the skin.

Juvederm Ultra Smile subcutaneous implant is used to achieve the following results:

  • Lip volume enhancement,
  • Correction of vertical wrinkles in the area near the lips,
  • Correction of drooping lip corners,
  • Restoration of symmetrical lip shape,
  • Correction of lip shape by filling and smoothing the surface.
  • Some specialists use this soft HA gel for the correction of soft tissues in the chin, cheeks, and cheekbones.

While using the Juvederm Ultra Smile filler provides immediate effect of volumization, it usually takes some time.  That is, the end result of the injection can be observed only after 3-4 weeks.

Procedure result:

Juvederm Ultra Smile - before and after lip filler

The following side effects may occur immediately after injection:

  • Redness,
  • Swelling,
  • Hematomas and bruising,
  • Itching and allergic rash,
  • Pain on touch,
  • Burning,
  • Uneven distribution of the gel under the skin.

Usually, these symptoms will subside within 2-3 workdays and strong adverse reaction is to be observed.


  • intolerance to any of the components of the filler,
  • scarring in the area of application,
  • tendency to the formation of keloids,
  • taking anticoagulants,
  • pregnancy,
  • lactation period,
  • presence of subcutaneous fillers and implants in the area of work,
  • acute respiratory infections,
  • skin diseases,
  • autoimmune diseases,
  • active herpes,
  • epilepsy,
  • porphyria.

After the procedure, the patient should refrain from visiting the sauna, bath, swimming pool, gym, or solarium for 14 days. It is recommended to avoid heavy physical exertion, the use of decorative cosmetics (for 1 day, at minimum), being in the open sun without sunscreen, and taking a hot bath for 1 week.

What to choose for lip augmentation for the first time?

This is a difficult question to answer, not just in regard to pickup a lip filler between Rejeunesse or Juvederm (or any other brand for that matter), but also as far as the actual product properties go. Maybe you should go for a softer filler and see how that feels. Or the opposite – denser Hyaluronic gel which will make your lips firmer, really volumized, for more dramatic effect and, last but not least – last longer.

To start making this decision and answering the fundamental question of “What should my first lip filler be?”, it is a good idea to consult with a professional. Dermatologists, plastic surgeons or other licensed practitioners who use fillers on a daily basis and have performed hundreds, if not thousands, of procedures. They can hear your ideas and preferences and evaluate how realistic they area. People, often do not realize that lips a different. Every lip filler is not suitable for every set of lips and to make matters even more complicated, different lips can “take” different amount of enhancing gel.

Unfortunately, people with thin lips, which would probably be most inclined towards a lip enhancement procedure, are the quite limited in the amount of filler that they can have applied to that part of their face. While HA based filler will absolutely give a noticeable difference, thin lips are more prone to look unnatural after augmentation. The most common problem is the lip “turning” up or down, which makes it very artificial. On the opposite end of the spectrum, people with naturally full or very full lips, might reconsider even getting lip filler in the first place. Often, people with big lips will limit the facial enhancement to some minor contouring of the lip line, rather than full blown volume boost. In that sense, people with normal lips are the best demographics for more “dramatic” procedures.

As far as choosing the actual lip filler, going with a too thick filler is probably not a good idea. The Russian doll effect is a very specific aesthetic and you might not enjoy the firm feel of lips treated with a dense filler. On the opposite end of the spectrum, going with something soft, is a more sensible option, but practice has shown that most customers find the “Fine” fillers a tad too soft and too quick to dissolve. The middle ground, in the form of a “deep” or dedicated lip filler, is the best first-time choice.

Choosing the brand is also a difficult task. Doing some research on the best lip fillers on the market and checking out feedback and trends is an excellent start. Your dermatologist will probably have their preferences – professionals doing lip enhancement procedures, normally work with a set of products and brands they have experience with. This way they can predict and control the results of the procedure, ensuring in the end, the patients lips look truly beautiful. You’re most likely to be presented with two basic options – playing safe with a premium brand like Juvederm, where you know you are getting the very best product; or going with a more budget option (say, Rejeunesse), where can invest less in a procedure you are not 100% sure you’d end up liking and still use a quality lip filler, which is likely to offer lasting and naturally looking results.

Juvederm Volbella (2 x 1ml)

Juvederm Volbella

Main properties of Juvederm Volbella hyaluronic acid-based filler with lidocaine (2 x 1ml):

Intradermal implant, the Juvederm Volbella is a transparent homogeneous gel filler based on hyaluronic acid. The filler is based on active substances such as hyaluronic acid with a concentration of 24 mg, lidocaine hydrochloride 3 mg, and phosphate buffer pH 7.2 to a final weight of 1 ml.

Hyaluronic acid allows you to create a depot of hyaluronic acid in the skin layers, which fills wrinkles and folds from the inside, leads to the accumulation of moisture in skin cells, activates metabolic processes in tissues, and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. The cosmetic “panacea” of the XXI century – hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin – has really allowed women to extend the years of their youth without surgical intervention in contouring procedures.

Juvederm Volbella when used, due to the content of lidocaine in the preparation, the contouring session is painless, and phosphate buffer not only reduces swelling immediately after the procedure but also provides a stable prolonged result for up to 12-16 months, which is quite a long period for hyaluronic acid-based filler.

Hyaluronic acid is our natural polysaccharide, which is responsible for the accumulation and retention of moisture in tissues. As soon as HA is no longer produced by the body in sufficient quantities (this happens with age), the skin is inevitably waiting for aging: fading, loss of elasticity and firmness, dryness, and sagging skin.

Low-molecular hyaluronic acid gel Juvederm contains molecules of small size, which when injected virtually do not cause side effects and swelling. The acid is fully compatible with the patient’s tissues, does not cause rejection and allergic reactions and over time biodegrades under the action of hyaluronidase.

Unlike the ULTRA series of Juvederm preparations and gels of competing brands, Juvederm Volbella is synthesized using the latest VycrossTM technology. In this technology, not only long polymer chains of the active ingredient but also short ones are “linked” to each other, which increases the viscosity of the gel and ensures a longer-lasting effect.

Scope of Juvederm Volbella hyaluronic acid-based filler with lidocaine (2 x 1 ml):

The filler is used for volumetric modeling of the face and correction of facial areas with volume deficit. Juvederm Voluma is used for contour modeling in the area of nasolabial folds and to eliminate wrinkles around the mouth and marionette lines.

If you are interested in the price of Juvederm Voluma, you can contact the managers of My Lip Filler Shop to discuss a price offer.

This gel is used to address the following issues:

  • Enhancing and contouring the shape of the lip,
  • Boosting lip volume,
  • Filling deep folds of the middle third of the face,
  • Correction of nasolabial folds,
  • Regaining volume in areas with moderate to deep wrinkles.

The recommended age group of patients to work with this preparation: is 25-65 years old.

Lips - before and after filler

Redness, swelling, bruising and hematomas, thickening and nodules, and skin discoloration at the injection site may occur immediately after the injection. Itching and burning sensations may develop, and unpleasant touching sensations at the site of needle insertion. Sometimes Juvederm Volbella can be distributed unevenly, then the cosmetologist must take measures to eliminate this effect. Any adverse reaction will normally dissipate in 48-72 hours after the procedure.


Before applying Juvederm Volbella filler, the specialist is obliged to familiarize the client with the list of possible side effects, complications, and contraindications. The latter include:

  • Recent laser therapy, chemical peeling, dermabrasion,
  • Inflammation of the skin,
  • Autoimmune diseases,
  • Allergic reaction to any of the ingredients of the product, including lidocaine,
  • Acute respiratory infection and inflammatory stage of any chronic disease,
  • Tendency to keloid scar formation,
  • Introduction in areas with permanent implants,
  • Taking anticoagulants or other products that inhibit or block metabolic processes in the liver (cimetidine, beta-blockers, etc.),
  • Pregnancy and lactation period,
  • Age under 18 years.

Side effects usually manifest themselves in a mild form (pass after a short time and are considered normal).

Patients should not wear makeup after the procedure, and avoid the open sun, sauna, swimming pool, gym, and solarium for 2 weeks.

Hyaluronic fillers Rejeunesse

It is easy to see how the task of convincing a person to opt for Rejeunesse, which is nor necessarily even the most recognizable brand of Korean fillers on the market (that honor going to Revolax), over an established brand like Juvederm or any of the other premium Western names. So, why choose Rejeunesse for a lip filler?

First, ask yourself if you really want to pay the “brand tax”. Whenever you are buying an iPhone or deciding to get a lip enhancement with a product for Juvederm, you a paying an extra for a figurative fee, by going with a premium brand. There is a good reason why Juvederm is the market leader not just in terms of lip fillers, but as far as Hyaluronic acid gel for wrinkle removal and face augmentation goes, in general. It’s made by one of the giants of the beauty industry, it is the direct result of decades of technological and manufacturing process, not to mention the millions poured in R&D that all led to the Juvederm filler end product. All of this comes with a premium in the price, because customers buying Juvederm know that they are buying, arguably, the best product, with the most durability and best results for lip or facial enhancement. It is reassuring. But is it worth it?

The answer to that question is – it depends. Juvederm filers, and premium brands in general, don’t offer a good value, per se. Their uncompromising quality and more importantly – guarantee of noticeable results of facial rejuvenation, lip volume boost, wrinkles removal, etc, demand a high price. However, a brand like Rejeunesse can get very close in terms of actual results, while offering HA based dermal gel for only a small fraction of the price. Given that it is an established brand of Korean fillers, at this point, most dermatologists and licensed professionals that have used it, will feel comfortable enough to at least offer it as an option, to the table.

Rejeunesse fillers are also meticulously developed and Korean scientists and doctors are just a knowledgeable and capable as their colleagues in the West. Yes, lip fillers and dermal filler from the West Asian country are cheaper, but that not necessarily down to lesser quality, especially as far as Rejeunesse is concerned. In some ways, the manufacturing process in South Korea is more streamlined, regulations are less burdening (without sacrificing safety control) and the manufacturers are much closed to raw materials and supplies. Most of the Hyaluronic acid used by Korean manufacturers, even for Rejeunesse, is imported from Japan. The rest of the raw materials and necessary ingredients and supplies are mostly imported from China, meaning that the production and packaging of a lip filler brand like Rejeunesse has much shorter (and by extension cheaper) supply lines. This lowers the end product price dramatically, without the need for comer cutting and allows Reju dermal fillers to still be competitive to Juvederm and Stylage, at a much lower price point.

Rejeunesse Fine (1 x 1.1ml)

Rejeunesse Fine

Main properties of Rejeunesse Fine hyaluronic acid-based filler with lidocaine 1.1 ml:

In every generation, successful people have strived to look young and attractive. And if earlier it was fashionable to “age” beautifully, the current rhythm of life does not allow you to stop and forget about external attractiveness. The image of a modern successful man, boldly and confidently stepping on the career ladder, necessarily involves well-groomed and fresh skin of the face, stylish attire, and confidence in their actions. In recent decades, their huge popularity has gained all kinds of cosmetic procedures aimed at correcting age-related changes provoked by chronological aging and endogenous processes. The colossal development of pharmacology and cosmetology allows us to avoid unsafe body surgical intervention or the use of products with a decent list of side effects. Today, many issues with deteriorating skin are solved with the help of fillers for the human body with the safest and most natural composition.

Korean Rejeunesse gel from the pharmaceutical laboratory NEWMEDIC Co. has become an innovative development for the correction of facial aesthetic problems. The basis of Rejeunesse Fine filler is cross-linked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, which excludes toxic effects on the body and ensures complete safety and sensitization. Monophasic sodium hyaluronate is obtained by enzymatic synthesis with a further 8-fold purification of the finished gel using the proprietary UPHEC technology. This makes the preparation resistant to biodegradation with a long-lasting effect of 8 to 12 months. In addition, the risk of fibrosis formation after the procedure is minimized, as the gel does not include the cross-linking agent BDDE, the breakdown products of which can have negative effects. The filler contains transverse intermolecular bonds, making it elastic and lightweight to effectively create volume, maintain the skin’s intracellular structure, and smooth its texture at the site of folds or wrinkles.

Another innovative finding of the Korean manufacturer is the so-called 3-D technology of hyaluronic acid production, which consists of spherical-shaped molecules with a highly organized and very dense lattice and creates a kind of “spring” principle for smoothing facial skin problems. In doing so, the skin tissues are not only tightened but also resist further stress and compression.

Due to the low degree of reticulation of hyaluronic acid, only 7%, the gel is very soft and viscous, which facilitates the introduction of the injection and ensures that all damaged areas are treated with the filler.

Rejeunesse Fine hyaluronic acid filler with lidocaine 1.1 ml:

As the skin ages, it begins to sag, loses its elasticity and tone, its hydrobalance is disturbed and there is a lack of nutrients. As a consequence, nasolabial folds appear, cheekbones and cheeks sag, tear furrows are visible, eyelids become heavier, and the outer corners of the eyes and lips droop, which leads to deformation of facial contours and loss of volume. Traditional cosmetics work only from the outside and do not penetrate deeper than the corneocytes (stratum corneum). In this case, doctors advise turning to injections with preparations of hyaluronic acid, which are carried out with the help of a reinforcement procedure.

Acting as an effective and prolonged alternative to surgical lifting and popular among the star elite rejuvenation with gold threads, bio reinforcement is a safe method of correcting age-related changes, which has virtually no adverse reactions.

  • prevention and correction of superficial wrinkles in the periorbital area;
  • creating the shape and volume of the lips, including correction of asymmetry;
  • fight against expression lines and shallow nasolabial folds;
  • getting rid of wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows (glabellar lines);

Results – before and after

Rejeunesse Fine - before and after lip filler

As minor adverse responses of the body can be noted redness and swelling at the injection site, and hematomas, which independently pass after a few days.

A very important condition for a positive result and the absence of any complications is a clear adherence to the recommendations of the cosmetologist.

First, do not touch the injection area to avoid infections, including not using decorative cosmetics at least a day after the procedure.

Secondly, for 2 weeks refuse to take a hot bath and visit the bath or sauna. It is also not recommended to be exposed to low temperatures and be outdoors in very windy weather.

Third, do not overdo it with vigorous physical activity, and do not drink alcohol, which contributes to the rapid excretion of hyaluronic acid from the body.

Compliance with these simple rules is guaranteed to provide a long-lasting effect of bio-armoring and correction of age-related changes with Rejeunesse Fine filler, and the skin of the face and neck will look much younger than in the real years.


  • hypersensitivity reaction to the main components of the product;
  • any inflammatory diseases on the skin of acute and chronic course (acne, herpes, dermatoses);
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • low blood clotting;
  • tendency to keloid scar formation and porphyria;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • oncology;
  • age under 18 years.

Rejeunesse Hyaluronic Acid Filler

All of the above considered, does that means that Rejeunesse (or other top Korean brands, for that matter) are a viable alternative to Western brands? The short answer is year. Each of the three Rejeunesse fillers on the market – Fine, Deep and Shape, is more than capable of holding its own against most expensive HA products from Europe and America. Regardless, if we’re talking about surface wrinkle correction, enhancing the facial features, filling deep skin folds or, as is the topic of the current article – using them as a lip filler.

The promise of a full year of lip augmentation is not an empty one. While the exact durability of the Hyaluronic gel once applied to the lips will vary greatly and depend on factors such as natural metabolism, health condition, lifestyle etc., Rejeunesse Deep will provide results that will often even outlast “premium options”. Directly comparing Juvederm and Rejeunesse lip fillers based on longevity will show that Reju is likely to match the Ultra series, which is not something that most HA gels can boast. Vycross’ patented cross-linking still makes it the supreme filler line on the market.

Rejeunesse fillers are not known to cause adverse effects stronger than Juvederm, meaning that post procedure inconvenience is minimal. Some redness, minor pain, mostly limited to a feeling of discomfort. Anything more serious is unlikely.

Last but not least is the actual result – how easy is the filler to apply and how natural the lips will look post procedure. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but as far as direct comparison go, Rejeunesse treated lips do not look bad when compared to lips enhanced with Juvederm. Which is not something most filler brands can achieve.

Best lip augmentation products

And to close it all off, we should perhaps include a few honorary mentions of both Korean and Western lip fillers, which are work considering along the Rejeunesse and Juvederm brands:

  • Revolax Deep – the best-known Korean lip filler. Tried and true, as far as Asian filler go, this is the absolute safest best.
  • Dermalax Deep – very similar to the Revolax and made by the same parent company, it’s reliable solution for beautiful lips.
  • Restylane Kysse – a premium offer for volumized lips from Sweden, it’s a member of the main competitor brand of Juvederm. Premium product and at a premium price. Can be switched with Restylane Lidocaine, for a tad softer effect.
  • Stylage Lip – the French brand’s dedicated lip filler often competes with the Stylage M, which is the go-to choice for Stylage customers looking for a firmer feel to the lip. Either is a good option.

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