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At My Lip Filler, we strive to provide our customers with the best filers and mesotherapy that are available on the market. This aim motivates us to offer an extensive range of products – from the best Korean lip fillers to powerful skin boosters and other solutions for improving the overall condition of the skin. It leads us on a never-ending search for new and exciting products to add to our ever-growing catalog and help both professionals and end customers, by offering prime quality European, Korean, and American products for skin care and facial enchantment.

Of course, this also means that some products will occasionally be unavailable or only be available with a custom order request, such as the Korean hair fillers are, at the moment, but on the flip side, we have some new and exciting offers for you to check out and, hopefully, try out. Some are new and others are returning “fan favorites” of yours, like the Rejeunesse brand. So, today we are going to go over what filler and mesotherapy products are being introduced to our catalog and what products are making a return. We will also, go over some of the overall interesting offers and skin product brands which you should keep an eye on.

Cosmetic products from South Korea

You might be wondering – why are Korean fillers and mesotherapy such a focal point of the product list in our store. The simple answer is that products from South Korea offer the best value in the beauty market. When you fillers from Juvederm or skin boosters from Jalupro, you are getting a quality dermal solution, for sure, but you are also paying a premium, which is sometimes referred to as a “brand tax”. Some clients don’t mind that, but others want to get the best value for their money. Considering that we only offer mesotherapy and filler solutions with copious amounts of positive feedback, it is easy to see the logic that the latter group follows – the same quality at a notably lower price point, even when it comes to specially developed and very customized skin solutions like the Dermaheal Stem C’rum SR (5 x 5ml) , for example.

Getting the most for your money

No product segment of the professional skin care market shows the stark pricing difference between South Korean and Western products, than the dermal filler niche (which is quite big). European and American offerings are globally known and considered the go-to choice of dermatologists and other licensed practitioners, but they normally command a hefty price, which also increases the price of the end service as well. Korean fillers for nasolabial folds like Dermalax Deep will cost only a fraction of what a box of Stylage M would be priced at.

Popular Korean fillers

That being said, in many ways, in recent years, the South Korean market has gotten a bit too saturated with new brands of fillers, with new HA-based solutions popping up all the time, even though that has also allowed for the appearance of very interesting products such as the Dr. CYJ Hair Filler (1 x 1ml). The shorter supply lines, improved and optimized manufacturing processes, as well as the more simplified and streamlined approval process by the KFDA (but still just as strict, as in the West), allow Korean companies that produce cosmetic products and medical devices and subsequently offer them at a noticeably lower price. That, however, can affect the quality of the end product – the Hyaluronic gel, in this instance. And while KFDA oversight ensures that the safety criteria are met always, in terms of quality, a lot of the new Korean brands, which are not as established as, say, Revolax, are having a hard time keeping pace with the quality of better-known brands of Western and Korean fillers.

Wrinkle filler – before and after

Hello A-Jax Keen!

Considering the above, it is easy to see why we at My Lip Filler, are quite picky when it comes to adding new fillers to our product portfolio and maintaining the necessary due diligence in gathering feedback before we start selling a new product. One such new addition is the A-Jax Keen brand of HA-based dermal fillers, which is a direct match and alternative to the better-known Rejeunesse brand. It has the three following entries:

  • A-Jax Keen Cozy – packed in a beautiful yellow box, the A-Jax Keen Cozy (1 x 1.1ml) is a soft Hyaluronic solution for the treatment and filling of delicate and superficial skin depressions. It has the perfect viscoelasticity to smooth out wrinkles and skin lines affecting the top layer of the dermis, in a way that looks completely natural and will not form any unpleasant skin bumps. 
  • A-Jax Keen Vivid – the one that, as expected gathers the most attention. This is a highly effective and lasting lip filler, which is also great for filling moderate to deep skin folds, wrinkles, and other depression in various parts of the face. Besides allowing to achieve beautiful lips, the A-Jax Keen Vivid will also swiftly deal with nasolabial folds and marionette lines, smoothing them out in a virtually indistinguishable way.
  • A-Jax Keen Sublime – if you want Rejeunesse Shape at an even lower price point, then the A-Jax Keen Sublime (1 x 1.1ml) is the product for you. Not only is this one of the longest-lasting facial contouring fillers you can get (at a very appealing price), but it also comes bundled up with a high-quality cannula, making its usage all the easier. For lasting enhancement of areas like the chin, jawline, and cheekbones, on a budget, it is a no-brainer choice.
Beautiful Woman - Before And After Lip Filler

New arrivals and returning favorites 

  1. Jax Keen is not the only new arrival. We have a couple more additions to the catalog and one of the best semi-permanent fillers South Korea has to offer is making a return:
  • Neauvia Intense Flux – an offer from Europe, the Neauvia Intense Flux 1 x 1ml is a medium to dense Hyaluronic acid based filler, which mixes the HA with L-Proline and Glycine for an improved effect and better results. It can very effectively contour the facial oval and is also recommended for instances of severe skin folds. People looking for a bit firmer, “Russian doll” type of effect of lip enhancement will also be interested.
  • GemVous PN Skin Booster – while a new product on the market, this skin booster from South Korea is an automatic recommendation. It mixes up Hyaluronic acid, Polynucleotides, and Niacinamide, to offer thorough skin hydration, revitalization, and brightening, with very noticeable and lasting effects. The GemVous PN Skin Booster is one of the products we wholeheartedly recommend to people with tired and malnourished skin.
  • Aesthefill – not only is the AestheFill PDLLA Filler 1 x 200mg one of the most effective semi-permanent fillers on the market, improving on the advantages of traditional PLLA fillers, but it also offers some of the best value in the long-term contouring solutions niche of the market.

List of Korean Filler Brands

With these new additions, we feel quite confident in our product list and are very positive about the upcoming winter period. Our customers will be happy to hear we have a good stock of all of your favorite Korean facial filler brands. While often overshadowed by their more popular Western counterparts, there is a select group of Hyaluronic acid gel solutions for the rejuvenation of the appearance and the removal of various skin depressions, which are quite well known globally. Thus, we did our best to stock up on the popular entries such as:

  • Revolax
  • Dermalax
  • Neuramis
  • Rejeunesse
  • Glowing Fill

You can enter the winter season with the peace of mind that My Lip Filler is there for you whenever you want to order fillers from Korea. Rest assured that our ever-growing selection of premium quality offers from South Korea, Europe, and North America is available and we can offer the right solution for any sort of aesthetic concern that you might have – wrinkles, small lips, visible skin folds, sagging skin and more. Our offerings of Hyaluronic acid-based fillers, thorough skin boosters, and multi-vector mesotherapy solutions are the correct approach to dealing with any dermal-related problem you might be facing.

Rejeunesse Deep - before and after lip filler

Have more questions? Get in touch

Don’t forget we are still available for direct contact and our team will be more than happy to provide you assistance and answer all your beauty product-related inquiries. Whether you are interested in fillers from Korea or skin boosters from Italy and Switzerland, the My Lip Filler team is there to help you out with advice and valuable feedback we have gathered for all our products. One of the most fulfilling parts of our job is to help our clients pick up the best items based on their requirements and needs.

So do not hesitate to email us or chat with us directly. We are always excited to talk to our customers and provide them with all the information they might require and answer any questions they might have – from Korean contouring fillers to deep skin bio-revitalizers, used in multi-stage mesotherapy. There are new and exciting filler and mesotherapy products that we cannot wait to tell you about and a whole catalog of dermal solutions which is worth exploring.

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