Hyaluronic acid gel

While, undeniably, fillers are the most popular alternative to traditional plastic surgery, there are to this day many misconceptions or things not so well understood about them. Perhaps, part of the confusion, at least, can be attributed to the fact, that a lot of the problems solved and the enhancements performed using dermal fillers, is just an entirely new method of performing improvements which have been done via other means for decades. Naturally, this includes Hyaluronic acid-based skin fillers, which are, by far, the most predominant form of face and body filler products on the market.

HA fillers – what they are and why they’re used

Dermal fillers based on Hyaluronic acid, usually used in the form of its salt – Sodium Hyaluronate, are a type of gel like substance, applied in the skin to either restore or add volume / contour in various parts of the face or body. They are proven to be a highly effective method to perform aesthetic corrections, deal away with the signs of aging or just benefit the overall skin condition, in a very non-invasive way. A good example for such a product is:

Filler Juvederm Ultra 3 (2 x 1ml)

Juvederm Ultra 3

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My Lip Filler – What We Are Offering

Our e-store is selling a wide selection of beauty products and cosmetic solutions, aimed at solving various skin related issues or as a means to improve one’s overall look (and by extension – self-esteem). The primary product category offered here is Hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers, but we also offer high quality solutions for mesotherapy and other beauty procedures, which can be used separately or complementary to filler anti-age therapy. For the convenience for customer, all items in our catalog are properly separated and listed a per their respective category and sub-category – fillers, mesotherapy, cosmetics etc. Additionally, dermal fillers are divided in four sub-divisions – wrinkle, lips, contour and body, to indicate properly the best intended usage of the HA gel in the respective category.

Features of hyaluronic acid

If you’ve paid attention to the beauty industry in the past 15 years, you’ll have probably notices that for a while it’s been putting HA in practically everything. But why? Hyaluronic acid is a compound which is present in many complex life forms, plants and animals, alike, including people. It can also be synthesized via bacteria, which tends to be the most common source of HA used in the beauty industry. It has unique properties making it vital for the natural skin hydration circulation. Hyaluronic molecules can hold hundreds of times their own weight in water and are one of the most powerful skin moisturization agents used by the beauty industry. That quality also makes HA an excellent base for…

Hyaluronic Dermal Fillers (Deeper Understanding)

There have been skin fillers as far back as the 80s and Hyaluronic acid is not the first (and probably will not be the last) based for an effective product which adds skin volume. However, creating wrinkle filling or face/body contouring gel which is based on HA adds both product flexibility and convenience, without making any sacrifices in terms of safety. On the contrary – Sodium Hyaluronate based fillers are, for the most part, fully biocompatible and biodegradable. There is a good reason why in the past decade and a half they have, while not fully replaced, largely supplanted other forms for therapy used to achieve similar rejuvenating results.

What Are Hyaluronic Acid-Based Fillers?

So, we’ve gone over the fact that fillers are a gel-like substance, which can be used to fill depressions and that they are based on Hyaluronic acid, which is natural and important for the skin. But let’s dive a little bit deeper and view the science, inner workings and effects of fillers.

The Science of Fillers

Hyluronic acid is used in many forms as a base for the creation of HA gel. Depending on the intended usage of the end product, it might be used in a form which would allow quicker absorption by the skin (for rejuvenation and hydration) or, the opposite – delay the natural dissolving processes caused by the body metabolism, to prolong the volumization effect. These would all be determined by whether monophasic or biphasic HA is used and in what concentration. It’s even possible to combine the two. A major factor for the stability of the gel, which determines its longevity is the molecular structure – cross-linked HA gel is more stable. Non-crosslinked will be quicker to dissolve, but have a more immediate skinboosting effect. Again, combination between the two is possible and actively utilized by some fillers.

How Fillers Improve Your Look

At the base levels, Hyaluronic acid fillers function in two main directions. First, they directly rejuvenated the skin in the area where they are applied. The body dissolves the gel over time, the HA molecules are released from it and absorbed by the skin, which then has a higher capacity to stay hydrated.

On the other hand, there is a reason why skin fillers are named the way they are. An extensive variety of products, differentiating in density and HA concentration, can be utilized to literally “fill” various forms of skin depressions – wrinkles, skin lines, skin folds, and to lift sagging skin. This usage is primarily aesthetic and intended to correct perceived imperfections in one’s look.

Benefits and advantages of using hyaluronic acid-based fillers

We will explore these in detail further below, but to summarize why HA fillers are as popular as they are – they are the most effective, yet non-invasive, alternative to traditional plastic surgery when it comes to both wrinkle removal and facial or body feature enhancement. A flexible solution with non-permanent results and no required downtime with multilayer beneficial effect for one’s skin and appearance. An excellent example of these advantages is the:

Filler Juvederm Ultra Smile (2 x 0.55ml)

Juvederm Ultra Smile

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Types of HA-based Fillers

Skin fillers based on Hyaluronic acid are one of the most versatile methods for facial and body feature enhancement, skin rejuvenation and skinboosting therapy. Naturally, this means that there is an extensive selection of options, not only based on brand, but also on product type, application, targeted zone of the face or body, etc., which differ in specific composition and gel molecular structure.

In Depth Filler Type Overview

The most basic separation of dermal fillers is based on their general area of application – body and face. Face fillers normally fall within one of four (very) general types – skinboosters, soft, medium and dense fillers. Skinboosters are mostly for skin rejuvenation, with very mild filling effect. Soft fillers are the best treatment for superficial wrinkles.  Medium fillers are applied into the deep dermis and can be used for lip improvement and deep skin fold filling. Thick fillers are subcutaneously applied and are used for contour of the face, but can also fill up very severe skin depressions.

Different Brands and Their Unique Formulations

The market of Hyaluronic acid fillers is one of the most saturated in the world of the beauty industry with dozens, if not hundreds of brands. European, Korean and North American products absolutely dominate the market, with the Western brands generally being considered more “premium” (Juvederm, Stylage, Restylane, Teosyal, Revanesse, Radiesse etc.), which the East Asian solutions are generally considered the budget options. However, it should be noted that the top tier Korean brands (Revolax, Rejeunesse, Dermalax, A-Jax) tend to be very close, if not completely matching the more recognizable Western offers.

Guidance on selecting the suitable filler for specific concerns

Choosing the best filler for one’s use case should always be done after extensive research, but first and foremost – after a consultation with a dermatologist or other specialized doctor or licensed practitioner. Before any procedure involving the usage of fillers, the medical background of the patient must be reviewed, as well as the specific skin issues that will be treated or, if an aesthetic procedure – the improvements that the person is going after. This evaluation is vital and would allow the practitioner to choose the best product, suitable for the customer and their specific use case.

Advantages of Filler Treatment and How They are Applied

Traditionally, plastic surgery has reigned supreme when it comes to removing wrinkles, enhancing lips and doing chin and nose corrections. However, that means undergoing a very invasive, expensive and unpleasant procedure, which also often is followed by an extensive downtime. And the results are often partially, or even fully, irreversible.

On the flip side, fillers quick, easy to apply, almost painless and typically involve no downtime. Using HA gel to fill skin depressions and enhance the body contour and facial features is a more direct method, which allows better control of the entire procedure. And even in the worst case, if the patient is not happy with the end result, the solution is not permanent. Not only will Hyaluronic gel naturally dissolve in the body, but there is a special enzyme called Hyaluronidase which is used to quickly break the HA gel down and reverse the results in a matter of hours.

It is a quick, clean and effective method for facial feature improvement, when utilizing products like:

Filler Juvederm Volift (2 x 1ml) 

Juvederm Volift

Discover the secret to ageless beauty with Filler Juvederm Volift! This exceptional product, available in a convenient package of 2 x 1ml, is your ticket to a more youthful and radiant appearance.

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Improving ones Appearance with Fillers

Fillers are viewed by some people as the penultimate method for anit-age treatment. Others view them as a vanity item, which serves only to change a person’s perceived look in a certain way. The fact of the matter is, HA gel does both, often at the same time and the two are not mutually exclusive. And the term rejuvenation can be used both in the literal “improve the overall skin condition” sense, as well as the broader sense of bringing ones facial features to a more youthful appearance, again.

Detailed Information on How Fillers Can Enhance Various Facial Features

Regarding feature enhancement, Hyaluronic fillers can be strategically applied in different parts of the face to help accent it better or make it more pronounced. A good example is a flat chin, which can be shaped with noticeable profile curvature being added using a dermal filler. This goes for other parts of the face like the jawline and cheekbones. As noted, some minor rhinoplasty is also possible using denser fillers.

The enhancement could be minimal – a touchup, or it could be serious facial sculpting. Beyond just adding an accent, HA fillers can be a highly effective method for bringing symmetry to ones face and can easily sort out noticeable differences between opposite parts of the face.

Specific Treatments for Wrinkles, Fine Lines, and Volume Loss

When it comes to improving or restoring volume, the exact method or type of dermal filler used will depends vastly on the area and severity of the problem. Low density fillers are suitable for minor areas of depression that need to be filled (Crow’s feet, superficial wrinkles) or in zones which are extremely delicate, like the area under the eyes.

Similarly, medium thickness HA gel would be best applied for more pronounced wrinkles and folds, as well as for lip volume, but the most severe instanced of skin volume loss (e.g. the cheeks) and cases of sagging skin, require the same dense fillers which are also used for facial contour.

Before-and-after Images of Successful Treatments

Restoring Youthfulness with Hyaluronic Acid-Based Fillers

As the body ages, so does its largest organ – the skin. With the passing of time skin hydration is worsened, collagen synthesis is slowed down and the skin itself becomes dry, wrinkled (or even sagging), while specific areas of the safe, with lots of muscle contractions can form deep, or even severe, skin depressions. Using Hyaluronig acid gel fillers is an instant remedy, which boost the overall skin condition and restore a more youthful look, from the aesthetic point of view.

Improving One’s Look

While the sense of beauty is a strictly individual perception, the established standards (and most people’s personal preference), would have it that smooth, firm and nicely textured skin, which are typical for young people, are a good baseline for what one would call “pretty”. Fillers can be used to cover the signs of aging in a smart way, as they literally fill up depression on the skin surface (or in its lower layers). Naturally, this will make a person’s perceived age to appear lower than it actually is, as it they’d have smartly concealed the typical skin related problems, which occur due to the aging process.

Skin Texture Smoothing Effect

Wrinkles, skin lines and other areas of skin depression, make the skin surface uneven to the look and to the touch. And as the collagen and Hyaluronic levels in it decrease with age, reducing the levels of hydration, it becomes more and more damaged and dry. Naturally, this make the feel of the skin rough and its tissues are noticeably less elastic, which causes visible areas of sagging. Once of the important effect of fillers is that they restore the natural levels of skin hydration, as the HA molecules from the gel are absorbed into the skin. This directly affects its softness and smoothness in a positive way.

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

I was noticing the signs of aging: little wrinkles around my eyes and lips, and a general loss of volume in my face. I chose Juvederm after doing a lot of research, and I couldn’t be happier! It was a quick, relatively painless procedure and the results are astounding. My face looks fresher, my lips are plump but natural-looking, and those little wrinkles are nowhere to be seen! My friends say I look at least 10 years younger. Thank you, Juvederm, for giving me back my confidence!

Margaret, 45, New York

Aging has its challenges, especially when you start seeing those lines forming around your mouth and forehead. I decided to try Juvederm on the recommendation of a friend, and it’s been a game-changer. The treatment was swift and the doctor was highly professional, explaining every step. I saw immediate results – my skin feels firmer and those lines have significantly diminished. I feel rejuvenated and more confident in my appearance. Highly recommend Juvederm to anyone looking for a more youthful look!

John, 50, California

I wanted a subtle lift in my cheeks and more volume in my lips, but I was worried about looking ‘overdone.’ Juvederm was the perfect solution! The procedure was comfortable, and the results are exactly what I hoped for – subtle, natural, but definitely noticeable. I look refreshed, my cheeks have a gentle lift, and my lips are softly voluminous. I’m receiving compliments left and right about how well-rested I look! Juvederm has been a wonderful experience, and I’d encourage anyone considering it to take the plunge!

Sophia, 38, Texas

Safety and Risks

Any aesthetic procedure must be performed with the necessary precautions in mind. This is completely valid for dermal filler application, as well. They are, by definitions a mush safer option than plastic surgery, on the basis of being a drastically less invasive form of anti-age and beauty treatment. Since Hyaluronic acid fillers are based on a substance natural to the human body, they are considered completely biocompatible and wills safely dissolve in the body, over time.

The typical risks involved with using fillers are Hyaluronic acid intolerance, which is a very rare issue or Lidocaine allergy, with products which utilize it. Both issues can be established during the preliminary interview.

Safety Precautions for Hyaluronic Acid-Based Fillers

Taking precautions is a must, to minimize even the already low risks of using HA gel. Doing an interview with the practitioner, utilizing only a high-quality filler sourced from a reputable merchant, using the services of a licensed practitioner (dermatologist, registered nurse, certified cosmetician), following the exact usage instructions of the filler – these are the common-sense steps to follow.

Possible Side Effects and How to Avoid Them

Aside from the abovementioned intolerances, the much more common side effects from using fillers are directly following the procedure. Some initial swelling is to be expected, which could be accompanied by itching and skin redness. A potential problem is the so-called “filler shifting” where the Hyaluronic gel might “flow” to neighboring skin areas.

Discomfort after the procedure should pass in about two-three days and the swelling should gradually subside. Some topical solution to numb the pain could be applied directly after the procedure (or even beforehand). Drinking lots of water is highly recommended, while avoiding alcohol is a good idea, too. Make sure the area where the filler was put is kept clean and don’t use makeup there for a few days. After lip enhancement, some gentle massage every few hours could also be beneficial.

Qualifications and Credentials for Practitioners

Every country, state or even county can have different regulations and requirements for practitioners to be able to work with HA skin fillers. It’s always a good idea to first check what the applicable regulations for one’s location are. Then research which are the licensed professionals and doctors working in that area, gather some feedback and pick one.

Treatment and Aftermath

Getting filler enhancement is a surprisingly simple, straightforward and, overall, not-so-unpleasant procedure. The whole process will normally fit within 30 minutes, sometimes as low as 15. Discomfort during it is minimal, followed by a couple of days of minor skin irritation as noted above and some local swelling.

Initial volumization will appear somewhat dramatic due tot the swelling, but as the skin calms and the discomfort subsides the local volume will start appearing completely natural. Based on the filler and the additional factors, the HA gel will dissolve at a certain rate. Often, a touch-up procedure would be necessary to maintain the results. This is valid for both softer fillers and thicker gel solutions like:

Filler Juvederm Ultra 4 (2 x 1ml) 

Juvederm Ultra 4

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With Filler Juvederm Ultra 4, you don’t need to resort to invasive procedures to regain your youthful allure. Embrace the natural beauty of your features, enhanced with a subtle touch of brilliance, and step into each day with renewed self-assurance.

Whether it’s a special event or just an ordinary day, Filler Juvederm Ultra 4 is your ultimate beauty companion for a more radiant and youthful look. Embrace the compliments that will come your way as you showcase your newfound radiance and timeless elegance.

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Skin Care Tips for Maintaining Youthfulness

Skin fillers are great. They are quick, they are easy, they are effective. But they are not the “beauty silver bullet.” In fact, to get the most out of filler, one would have to combine them with the appropriate lifestyle, matching general skin care or even different forms of anti-age therapy. The health and overall condition of the skin depend on many factors and good care of it requires the necessary effort, as opposed to a one time “fix-all” solution.

Advice on Skincare Routines to Complement Filler Treatments

Daily usage of cosmetics is the most basic tip to follow. Skincare in the morning and skincare in the evening. Taking care to wash your face well after coming home from work is very important, as it helps to keep the pores of the skin clean, thus avoiding the multitude of issues this might cause, including acne and oily skin.

It’s a good idea to undergo mesotherapy every once in a while, as a way to rejuvenated the skin. While fillers will provide some of the necessary Hyaluronic acid and everyday cosmetics will help to keep it moisturized and nourished, meso treatment is by far the most effective method to introduce nutrients deep into the skin or to stimulate collagen synthesis. Combining fillers with the right form of mesotherapy can act as a very powerful skinbooster solution.

Recommendations for Maintaining Healthy and Glowing Skin

Having a skin care routine is a very good idea, but there are many other things that can be done to improve and maintain the skin condition at a good enough level. Keep it clean and well hydrated, ideally not exposed to direct sunlight a lot. Drinking lots of water will benefit the entire body, including helping the skin keep itself moisturized. Following a proper diet is just as necessary. Adding nutrients like minerals, aminoacids and peptides topically is a good idea, but long-term skin nourishment is even more dependent on the food that is injected. A balanced and healthy diet is practically mandatory for the overall wellbeing of a person, not just their skin.

As far as lifestyle goes – drinking alcohol should be limited and smoking is an outright “no-no”. The skin needs sleep as much as the rest of the organs to make sure to get plenty of it. At the same time, excursive helps overall health, but one more immediate beneficial effect to the skin is that when sweating, toxins are extruded from it and hydration is improved. The occasional sauna visit will also help.

Product Recommendations and Reviews

Researching which filler to use is just as good idea as researching the practitioner that will perform the procedure. One of the major difficulties when looking for a good filler is just how many options are available on the market. It’s a good idea to ask for your dermatologist’s opinion, but there is nothing wrong with suggesting an HA product or brand yourself, so that they can look into it and offer an opinion of their own.

As far as review go, there are many online and it can be difficult to go though the overwhelming amount of information, but a good rule of thumb, especially, if getting a Hyaluronic acid-based filler for the first time, is to play it safe and opt for one of the better know brands. So, if on the looks for a wrinkle filler, for example, go for an established product like:

Filler Juvederm Ultra 2 (2 x 0.55ml)

Juvederm Ultra 2

Unveil the beauty of youth with Filler Juvederm Ultra 2! This extraordinary product, presented in a convenient package of 2 x 0.55ml, is your key to achieving a more vibrant and rejuvenated look.

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Experience the magic of Filler Juvederm Ultra 2 as it gracefully plumps and revitalizes your skin. This advanced formula is designed to add natural volume, giving your face a refreshed and lifted look without appearing overly artificial.

Revel in the comfort of knowing that Filler Juvederm Ultra 2 is crafted with your convenience in mind. The application process is designed to be gentle and virtually painless, ensuring you can fully enjoy the transformative experience without any unnecessary discomfort.

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No need to hide behind layers of makeup or invasive procedures. Filler Juvederm Ultra 2 empowers you to be your best self, with a revitalized and confident appearance that stands the test of time.

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Hyaluronic Acid vs. Other Fillers

While the most popular type of dermal fillers, products based on Hyasluronic acid are hardly the only type which is offered on the market. In fact, fillers based on a variety of other compounds have been available and used as far back as the 80s. Depending on composition and molecular structure they can differ greatly from HA filler, though, the main usage is more or less similar – add volume in various parts of the face and body and/or induce some sort of skinboosting effect.

Comparison Between Hyaluronic Acid-based Fillers and Other Types

Hyaluronic acid fillers come in a gel like for and are temporary solution for skin volumaization and contouring. This is the product category summed up in a single sentence. However, not all fillers sold on the market come in liquid or gel-like form. It’s is common PLLA and PCL products to be offered as a powder or dissolvable ampoules, which must be prepared as a solution, prior to usage. It is a characteristic typical (but not necessary) for semi-permanent fillers.

Which brings us to the other main separation – temporary vs semi-permanent vs permanent fillers. The latter is somewhat out of fashion, as correction of dissatisfactory results with such products can sometimes be near impossible and always requires a surgical intervention. Semi-permanent fillers are somewhat niche, but rising in popularity. They are a good balance between typical HA based gel and permanent options. Semi-permanent fillers usually haven extended effect and their durability is normally in the two-to-five-year range. They sometimes mix Hyaluronic acid with other ingredients like PCL, PLLA or Calcium, or the product could be entirely based on them, which is typical for the powdered products.

Pros and Cons of Different Filler Options

As tempting as it is to say that Hyaluronic acid fillers are plain the best, there is a lot of nuanced to this matter. HA fillers are the most flexible, by far. They are the sensible solution to dealing with wrinkle, shallow skin depressions and even lip enhancement. The latter can technically be done via other methods and fillers, but at this point of development of the industry, it just makes no sense.

However, when it comes to long term solutions, especially for significant volume improvement and contour, semi-permanent fillers do have a lot of appeal. Stable results and no requirement for the occasional touchup procedure (or at least – much sparser ones) add a lot of convenience. In addition, compounds such as PCL, PLLA or the ones based on Calcium, have other beneficial aspects like stimulation of collagen production for a very extended period of time. On the flip side, getting rid of semi-permanent fillers is difficult. Unlike HA fillers, they cannot be quickly dissolved with enzymes and sometimes a surgery might be necessary.

And finally, permanent fillers – their pros and cons are fairly straightforward. They do not dissolve and mostly unaffected by the body metabolism, giving very long-term aesthetical correction. But their removal sometimes is borderline impossible. Which makes them much less appealing when compared to something like the:

Filler Juvederm Volbella (2 x 1ml)

Juvederm Volbella

Embrace the beauty of natural-looking lips with Filler Juvederm Volbella! This exceptional product comes in a convenient package of 2 x 1ml, offering you a transformative solution to achieve luscious and irresistible lips.

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Indulge in the comfort of knowing that the application process of Filler Juvederm Volbella is gentle and painless. Our dedicated team has crafted this product with your comfort in mind, making sure you have a seamless and enjoyable experience.

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Hyaluronic Acid Fillers – FAQ

What are Hyaluronic acid-based fillers?

Hyaluronic acid-based skin fillers are temporary solutions based on HA, which come in the form of gel, used to add volume in various parts of the face and body. They are a safe methods for instant wrinkle removal or lip enhancement and are also very effective for augmenting the facial features. Body fillers based on Hyaluronic acid can be used to sculpt areas like the breasts and the buttocks, both as a method for enlargement and shaping, but also as means for adding symmetry.

How do Hyaluronic acid-based fillers work?

HA fillers can be directly applied in the desired area, at skin depth varying based on the type of filler and the issue being addressed (superficially, deep dermis, subcutaneously). Their immediate effect is to fill up various forms of skin depressions and zones with loss of skin volume, while long term they rejuvenate the skin and improve its hydration, as the HA molecules are released from the gel over time.

What areas can be treated with Hyaluronic acid-based fillers?

There are fillers for both the body and the face. Body fillers are most commonly utilized as a method for breast enlargement or butt lift procedures. Soft fillers are ideal to treat wrinkles in the face, neck and hand areas (superficial ones). Medium (“Deep”) and dense fillers are used to address more profound to severe skin folds and wrinkles. The former is also used for lip enhancement, while the latter can contour the jawline, chin, nose and the cheekbones.

Are there any side effects of Hyaluronic acid-based fillers?

In general, Hyaluronic acid gel is completely safe, as it is biocompatible. However, certain people do exhibit certain level of HA intolerance. A lot of fillers also contain Lidocaine to which some people are allergic. It is very important to check all the ingredients of a HA filler before usage and consult with the specialist applying the product.

How long do the effects of Hyaluronic acid-based fillers last?

Soft fillers normally hold up to 5-6 month. Deep fillers last 10-12 months and contouring (dense) fillers can easily last all the way to an year and a half. That being said, it is very much dependent on the individual filler and its quality, the health and metabolism of the patient, as well as their diet and lifestyle.

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Author: Maya Sharma

Maya Sharma is an accomplished aesthetician, renowned for her expertise in holistic skincare. With a decade of experience, Maya specializes in personalized treatments such as facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and various forms of mesotherapy. Incorporating her Indian cultural heritage and continuous education in skincare, Maya delivers bespoke solutions tailored to each individual's needs. Her curious personality pushes her to research the latest and greatest innovations of the beauty industry and then share them with her customers and online followers.